How Much Is IT Going To Cost Me?

It is much cheaper than you think.
We have made available and included with each purchase a TOTALLY FREE worldwide satellite tracking service directly on your cellphone or PC. To benefit of our TOTALLY FREE tracking service, you must already possess either any cellphone allowing mobile Internet browsing or any PC with Internet connection. If, on the other hand, you would like to use an ordinary GSM-based cellphone with no Internet browsing feature, subscription to our "FULL FREEDOM" plan will be necessary.
Service costs will be related to:

  1. tracker purchase price (it will stay yours forever, you will not have to return it);
  2. service plan activation fee (this is a one-time only fee for each single account that is required in case you choose not to use our TOTALLY FREE tracking service plan);
  3. service plan monthly fee (only applies to those customers who subscribe to our "FULL FREEDOM" tracking service plan).


For our "FULL FREEDOM" tracking service plan a 12-month minimum service subscription time is required and subject to 100% prepayment.