F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Q.: is FINDMYSTUFF legal?

A.: yes it is.
Some important issues must however be considered.
Covert tracking of people and vehicle is forbidden in many countries: our service was not conceived for illegal purposes and must not be used against the law.
FINDMYSTUFF users who decide not to use a totally free-of-charge plan, are required to sign a written agreement where they unconditionally accept service terms and conditions and officially endorse a law-abiding use of the FINDMYSTUFF service.

Q.: after reading the “How does it work?” section, it all seems to me very easy. Is it really so?

A.: actually yes.
We have succeeded in combining cellular-based data transmission along with hi-tech satellite tracking technology into one single, small and easy to use tracking device.
Our customer needs no special skills to use the FINDMYSTUFF service as only a few operations will be needed to activate and use our trackers: all technical issues have been considered and managed directly by FINDMYSTUFF, in order to offer our customers a totally hassle-free product and service.
There is more: we successfully tried and obtained an authentically user-friendly product; no triggy programming procedures or complicated tracing to be performed by the customer, when a simple user manual or form will allow our customers to specify how do they wish their service to be configured.
Customers who choose a totally free plan only need to purchase and receive their tracker at home to strat tracking, whereas for those customers who decide to subscribe to our service, upon receipt of both service configuration form and service agreement returned from customers, FINDMYSTUFF will activate the service and ship a ready-to-use tracking device to customer’s mailing address.
Writing a few numbers on a SIM card and inserting it inside the FINDMYSTUFF tracker is all our customer is supposed to do to start using the service, as soon as he receives the package.

Q.: how do you operate the service?

A.: there are four different elements which form the base of our service. The FINDMYSTUFF control center, tracking device, one active SIM card to use along with the tracker and, finally, customer subscription (which can be either totally free o subject to payment, depending on customer's choice) and cellphone.
Each time a customer whises to perform a polling/tracking operation on his tracker, he applies FINDMYSTUFF according to a given tracking procedure specified within the product manual or service agreement/plan endorsed by the customer: after receipt of customer’s request, FINDMYSTUFF control center polls tracking coordinates and converts them into usable information on the customer side. Finally, actual position of the customer’s target bearing the tracker is reported by FINDMYSTUFF to the customer in either a graphical or written form (depending on plan) using SMS protocol. Customers using our free "FREEDOM" plan will interact directly with their tracker, thus receiving coordinates from the device directly.

Q.: what am I supposed to do the moment I wish to locate my tracker’s position?

A.: tracking procedures are specified within either the product manual or service agreement/plan endorsed by the customer and may vary depending on actual service plan subscribed (free or prepaid).
Tracking procedures on customer side are extremely easy and can usually be performed by ringing a pre-defined number or sending a simple SMS polling request to the FINDMYSTUFF tracker/control center number.

Q.: do all the additional alarm features (geo-fence, environmental temperature and speed alarm) operate automatically once they have been activated?

A.: precisely.
These features behave just like a switch: once you turn them on, they will not be off until you switch them to off status.

Q.: how any additional alarm feature event (such as geo-fence, low battery and speed alarm) is to be considered in terms of service use?

A.: althought unlimited activation and deactivation of these feature is possible without additional monthly service fees for customers using our "Freedom" plan (customers activating and deactivating these features will only bear cellphone carrier airtime costs), for the customers using our "Full Freedom" plan, on the other hand, any of the additional feature alarms will cause a specific warning to be sent to FINDMYSTUFF customer along with tracker positioning information thus directly affecting monthly service fees.
For instance: whenever a customer switches the geo-fence alarm feature on in order to know if his cat is going to roam outside a given area, he will get tracking information whenever his cat actually leaves that area. Should the cat leave the geo-fenced area two times a month, then a customer with "Full Freedom" subscription will be left with no more tracking codes to use unless he purchases additional tracking service codes/options.
No charge/tracking information sending is made whenever the cat would return inside the geo-fenced area.

Q.: can tracking service codes be purchased additionally to those already inlcuded in each FULL FREEDOM plan monthly service fee?

A.: Of course.
Additional tracking service codes can be purchased anytime.
Price is €1,2 each.

Q.: how about system accuracy?

A.: it is outstandingly high.
As long as FINDMYSTUFF system uses GPS technology, customers can definitely expect the same system accuracy of a GPS car navigator.
FINDMYSTUFF trackers, besides, user latest SIRF STAR III GPS technology for utmost reliability and tracking accuracy.

Q.: does it work anywhere?

A.: system has worldwide coverage, however, a number of three main conditions must be verified and co-exist for the system to work correctly:
1. FINDMYSTUFF tracking device must be under GSM-based (either GSM900/1800Mhz or PCS1900Mhz) network coverage;
2. FINDMYSTUFF tracking device must be able to see the sky and receive a minimum sufficient amount of GPS signal;
3. both above conditions must be verified and co-exist when a polling/tracking operation is performed.
Any factor interfering with the above main conditions (for example low or no GSM coverage, SIM card issues, bad or no GPS signal, indoor use of tracking device, etc.) will directly interfere with the service making its use partially or totally impossible by the user. Some tracker models feature a very innovative GPS signal loss/jam alarm which will alert users about GPS signal loss by sending a message including the latest detected position before GPS signal loss.

Q.: what if my tracking device is lost or stolen?

A.: some security measures have been taken to prevent loss or theft.
Althought it is always possible to try to locate the tracker by performing a polling operation in case it is lost, a security code has been implemented to avoid the opportunity for a thief to use the equipment instead of the legitimate owner.
Please always inform FINDMYSTUFF control center immediately in case your tracking device gets either lost or stolen; also, please be advised that remote locking operation is possible when the GPS locator is under actual cellphone network coverage only.

Q.: are T-68SPECTRA and T-1000 models also suitable for tracking dogs and cats?:

A.: yes, they are.
Our T-68SPECTRA and T-1000 models have been especially designed for use by domestic animals including dogs and cats. Being so small and lightweight, they can be fastened to your dog or cat just like an ordinary collar, without delivering any discomfort to the pet.
T-1000 model can be tolerated even by small size dogs, cats and domestic animals: it is totally pet-friendly and does not send out any kind of noise or electrical shock to the pet.

Q.: are tracking models suitable for tracking dogs and cats also compatible with bike/car/truck tracking purposes?

A.: quite so.
Whereas models that are suitable for pet tracking can ususally be used for vehicle tracking as well, the other way around is not always true. Considering the wide selection of trackers we carry along with the remarkable range of features available, in order to help our customers in choosing the best tracker to fit their needs, we have made available a PDF purchase guide complete with comparison charts for all the available model and features. The PDF purchase guide (300Kb) can be downloaded by clicking QUI.

Q.: can FINDMYSTUFF tracking devices/GPS trackers be used outdoors?

A.: definitely so.
All FINDMYSTUFF tracking devices are weather proof and do can be used outdoors. Althought they are weatherproof, we recommend to avoid total water submersion. If you are looking for a totally waterproof GPS tracking device, then we suggest you to buy the available versions of those models coming equipped with a full IP67-certified removable enclosure.

Q.: should I decide to cancel the "Full Freedom" service plan and reactivate it after a few times, am I still allowed to use the same tracking device I initially purchased?

A.: sure.
FINDMYSTUFF tracking devices purchased by our customers become their personal property and can be used continuously in time, even after tracking service has reactivated.

Q.: after signing the FINDMYSTUFF service agreement/purchasing the GPS locator, are there any functions I can control directly without interacting with FINDMYSTUFF control center?

A.: our customers can thorougly manage on their own a few features as follows:

  • geo-fence alarm setup, enabling and disabling;
  • SOS alarm enabling;
  • battery level monitoring (depending on actual model purchased);
  • tracking mode conversion (depending on actual model purchased);
  • remote audio listening ; (depending on actual model purchased);
  • motion sensor enabling and disabling (depending on actual model purchased);
  • SIM card programming.

Q.: how long will batteries usually last?

A.: battery operating time ranges from 36 to 72-80 hours straight (stand-by time, some models also feature an impressive 20 day operating time) however depending on a number of factors.
T-1510 and T-2000 models have longer battery life, however, they are more expensive. Also you have to consider that overall operating time (battery life) varies depending on a number of factors, such as:

  • GSM cellphone signal strenght;
  • GPS signal quality;
  • environmental temperature;
  • tracking device settings required by the customer upon subscription;
  • number of polling requests performed;
  • number of SMS interactions with the tracking device.

Q.: how can I recharge batteries?

A.: a dedicated battery charger is provided included with each tracker. A low battery warning will also inform the customer about low battery power status.

Q.: as far as I can understand, each tracking device uses one active SIM card to work. Is this provided included with the package?

A.: no, it is not.
SIM card cost and management is on customer.

Q.: should the SIM card used on my FINDMYSTUFF tracker get disabled or locked by cellphone carrier for any technical or administrative reasons, would I be allowed to continue to use the service?

A.: no, you will not.
Whenever a SIM card used on a FINDMYSTUFF tracker expires, gets disabled or locked by cellphone network operator, is destroyed or has no prepaid airtime left (if applicable), FINDMYSTUFF tracking becomes impossible and so does the use of the whole service.
As soon as your SIM card is returned to normal status, FINDMYSTUFF service will automatically resume actual operation.

Q.: am I allowed to use any SIM card type on my FINDMYSTUFF tracking device?

A.: most of them.
FINDMYSTUFF tracking devices are not compatible with any SIM card having any kind of security/ICCID/network operator lock. Althought you are free to use either prepaid or subscribed plan SIM cards, some cellphone carries may apply restrictions: H3G SIM cards, for instance are never compatible with FINDMYSTUFF trackers, unless they get unlocked by H3G directly.

Q.: how do I subscribe to service?

A.: in a very fast and easy way.
First of all, FINDMYSTUFF customers must decide whether to use our completely FREE tracking service plan (Freedom plan) or subscribe our prepaid tracking service plan (Full Freedom plan). If you choose our completely FREE tracking service plan, then you only need to complete your purchase and receive your purchased model at your door, whereas if you choose our prepaid tracking service plan, then you are required to accpet and sign the FINDMYSTUFF service agreement document, where service terms and conditions are specified, and finally fill in a technical form concerning service options requested on their account and tracking device.
In this latter case, after all the paperwork has been prepared, it is necessary to send all the countersigned documents to FINDMYSTUFF by either fax or email along with payment receipt.

Q.: how do I start using the service?

A.: once again, in a very fast and easy way.
If you are going to user free tracking service, you only need to take your GPS tracker out of its box upon arrival at your door and perform a few easy operations to configure tracker. If, on the other hand, you have subscribed to prepaid tracking service, after receiving all customer’s document FINDMYSTUFF will send the tracking device puchased by the customer along with a personal account code (once again, this is for subscribed customers, only), programming instructions and codes that are supposed to be written on the tracking device SIM card memory by means of any GSM cellphone. After correctly programming the SIM card to be used on the FINDMYSTUFF tracking device, customer will be able to start using the service.

Q.: what are payment methods accepted?

A.: we accept COD (Italy only), certified cashier’s check, wire or telegraph transfer, Western Union or Moneygram transfers, credit card or Paypal payment. Credit card and Paypal payments are fully processed on SSL-encrypted secure servers.

Q.: is there any minimum service subsctiption time required?

A.: yes. A 12-month minimum service subscription time is required and subject to 100% prepayment for all of those customers who decide to subscribe our "Full Freedom" service plan. FINDMYSTUFF allows all subscribers a 20% discount off the overall minimum service subsctiption time prepayment on a year-by-year basis.

Q.: what are your payment schedule options?

A.: we have only two payment schedale options: yearly or monthly payment.
After the 12-month minimum service subscription time has expired, customers are free to choose the most convenient service fee payment schedule option to them. Customers may choose a monthly service fee payment (must be advanced payment) or yearly service fee payment: all yearly service fee payment customers will be entitled to a 20% discount immediately deducted from overall yearly amount due.

Q.: what if I choose a monthly service fee payment and forget to pay for the upcoming month?

A.: FINDMYSTUFF service is automatically suspended at midnight on the last day of the previously (already) paid month. Service reactivation will be possible upon actual payment collection for another monthly service fee, only.

Q.: how do I cancel my FINDMYSTUFF service subsciption?

A.: it is easy.
To cancel your subscription to our service, you only need to send a written cacellation request by fax or email message to FINDMYSTUFF.
It is important your cancellation request is complete with your confidential account code and a copy of your personal ID. We require personal ID plus your confidential account code to cancel your subscription for security reasons: this is to prevent any unauthorized person to cancel the service on your behalf. You will find our contact references by browsing the “CONTACT US” section of our website.