How Does It Work?

FINDMYSTUFF offers worldwide tracking and protection by using advanced satellite technology combined with GSM cellphone networks.
No matter if it is your kids, your car or even your home pets, you are now allowed to avoid them to get lost without a trace by keeping an eye on them using your cellphone.

Althought a very advanced technology is used, subscribing and actually using the service is extremely easy: you only need to buy a small tracker to provide your beloved ones or secure your valuable with and decide if you
1) would like to take advantage of our TOTALLY FREE satellite tracking service (in this case you will need either a latest-generation cellphone compatible with Internet browsing or a PC with Internet connection);
2) subscribe to FINDMYSTUFF service if you do not have a latest-generation cellphone/are not a tech guy or simply would like to receive tracking information in written form on your cellphone.

Anytime (restrictions may apply depending on the subscribed plan) you need to use the service just follow the suitable tracking procedure informed by FINDMYSTUFF and you will be able to track your protected target at the push of a few buttons.